“Chino Valley Unified School District schools lead the County in API results.  There are 10 elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools in the City of Chino Hills.  The District’s goal of “Increasing Academic Rigor” has paid off, as evidenced by the following accomplishments:

  1. Seven Chino Hills elementary schools have scored above 900 in API for 2011
  2. Three Chino Hills elementary schools and both middle schools have scored above 800 in API for 2011
  3. Both Chino Hills high schools have scored above 800 in API for 2011
  4. Country Springs Elementary School was designated as a Blue Ribbon School in 2007 and 2015
  5. Heights Christian School was designated as a Blue Ribbon School in 2015
  6. Four Chino Hills elementary schools and one middle school have been designated as a California Distinguished School”