Southern California has a reputation of beautiful topography, amazing weather, cultural significance and economic prosperity.


The state is unique in its variety of landscapes. With the Pacific coastline and miles of world-famous beaches making up the western border, desert destinations like Joshua Tree and Palm Springs, rich and woody, mountainous terrain found in the local Angeles National Park and, further north, Yosemite National Park, and acres and acres of rich agricultural plains throughout the state, including the hillside vineyards of Napa Valley, an outdoor adventure is either in your backyard or a casual daytrip away.


Not only is the landscape of the state diverse, so is the large population of Californian’s living within it. The Golden State’s appeal has attracted residents from all over the globe. The brightest and most successful individuals choose to make California their home in order to take advantage of the great climate, plentiful opportunity, and progressive culture. California has a highly diverse population and the highest Asian population in the United States “with a total of 5.4 million Asian Americans.”


California’s economy is the largest in the United States and the 5th-biggest in the world — recently overtaking the United Kingdom. New economic data puts the California economy at $2.747 trillion — bigger than most nations. 

Diverse Economies

California’s economic success stems from its variety of industry. The film and entertainment industries of Hollywood, tech industries in Silicon Valley, and huge agriculture and manufacturing industries all contribute to the state’s economic wealth.

Job & Business Opportunities

With the strong, diverse economy, entrepreneurs are welcome; job and business opportunities are plentiful. California is home to almost four million small businesses.

High Median Family Income

With opportunity comes prosperity. California residents boast some of the highest incomes and salaries found in the country while the state-wide median family income rests around $10,000 above national averages.

High Median Home Value

The economic prosperity California’s residents enjoy is evident in the state’s real estate. California’s median home value is estimated at $550,000, almost double the national average of $229,000.